Our Mission

California Paws Rescue provides a safe, secure, and loving place for abandoned pets to recuperate, socialize, and get the medical care they need to recover and be ready to join a new home and family. Since 2011, our rescue has carried out thousands of pet adoptions. We are proud to serve as a caring and compassionate alternative to euthanasia and other upsetting, inhumane practices. We approach our work with a deep love for animals and immense respect for every life.

Life Saving Statistics

California Paws Rescue focuses on rescuing Bull Terriers from dire situations ensuring they find a loving forever home. Our rescue statistics reflect the impact of our life-saving efforts. We calculate this by taking the number of dogs with a live outcome divided by the total number of outcomes in the same year, excluding any owner-surrenders where the owner intended euthanasia.


Adoption Statistics

California Paws Rescue is a proud contributor to the Shelter Animals Count National Database. By sharing our adoption statistics for the Bull Terriers, we rescue, we hope to have a positive impact over pet homelessness over time.

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