Bull terriers
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June Adoptions

Adopting a rescue Bull Terrier is an incredibly rewarding experience. These loyal and affectionate Bull Terriers often come from challenging backgrounds, but with patience and love, they can thrive in a new, caring environment. By adopting a Bull Terrier rescue, you give a deserving Bull Terrier a second chance at a happy life while also making room for another dog in need. This decision transforms not only the life of the Bull Terrier you adopt but also brings immense joy and fulfillment to your own life. Embrace the opportunity to provide a loving home to a Bull Terrier in need and experience the profound impact it can have on both your lives.

Meet Millie

Allow me to introduce Millie, an enchanting 5-year-old Bull Terrier who embodies the true meaning of affection. With her playful spirit and zest for life, Millie’s presence brings joy to those around her. Weighing in at a sturdy 52 pounds, she possesses a perfect balance of strength and sweetness. Millie’s warm and loving nature makes her an ideal companion, always ready to shower her human friends with endless cuddles and devotion.

Meet Bradly

Bradly, the lovable 5-year-old Bull Terrier is a happy-go-lucky boy with a love for water that knows no bounds. His infectious personality and love for water make him an irresistible companion for any family. As an added bonus, he is currently seeking a loving forever home to call his own. Any family that welcomes Bradly into their lives will undoubtedly be rewarded with endless affection and joy. Think this special guy may be the one for you? Come spend some time with this absolutely stunning bull terrier.

Meet Ozzy

Introducing Ozzy, a lively and energetic Bull Terrier who tips the scales at around 46 pounds. At approximately four years old, he exudes an abundance of playful energy and is always ready for an adventure. Ozzy’s athleticism shines through as he thrives on engaging in active games and exercises. Despite his high energy levels, he maintains a friendly and approachable demeanor, always eager to interact with humans. However, it’s important to note that Ozzy may not be the best companion for other dogs, as he doesn’t fare well in their company.

Meet Yuri

Meet Yuri our lovable and energetic companion, a 4-year-old bundle of joy weighing in at 45 lbs. With a heart full of love and a zest for life, this charming canine thrives on human companionship. Their playful nature knows no bounds as they eagerly engage in games and adventures. But what truly sets them apart is their extraordinary talent for expressing emotions through their adorable facial expressions, providing endless entertainment and heart-melting moments. Get ready to be captivated by their affectionate personality, as they bring joy and laughter to your days, leaving you with a constant stream of delightful memories. 😍

Meet Hope

Meet Hope, a remarkable Bull Terrier in search of her forever home. At the age of eight, she continues to radiate boundless energy, ready to embark on new adventures with her future family. Hope’s affectionate nature knows no bounds, as she delights in forming deep connections with her human companions. Car rides and quality time are among her favorite activities, making her the perfect companion for on-the-go adventures. Weighing in at 52 lbs, Hope is a wonderful blend of strength and love, eagerly waiting to bring joy and companionship to her new home.

Meet Dina

Allow me to introduce you to Dina, a delightful four-year-old with a charming weight of 49 pounds. Her presence radiates with sweetness and affection, captivating the hearts of all who meet her. Dina possesses a gentle and nurturing nature that easily endears her to everyone she encounters. She finds true joy in sharing quality time with her loved ones, cherishing those precious moments of togetherness. With Dina by your side, you can look forward to a world filled with love, warmth, and cherished memories.

Meet Tommy

Meet Tommy, an exuberant and cheerful young lad of one and a half years, tipping the scales at approximately 42 pounds. With an infectious zest for life, Tommy possesses a remarkable attitude that resonates with those around him. His fondness for people knows no bounds, and his amiability extends to his non-reactiveness towards other dogs. Tommy would make an excellent companion for those seeking a walking or hiking partner, ready to embark on exciting adventures together.

Meet Jax

Meet Jax, a spirited four-year-old weighing in at a sturdy 56 pounds. This little wild guy is full of energy and possesses a fun-loving nature that is contagious. With his athleticism and agility, Jax is always ready for action and adventure. He thrives in an active lifestyle and would be the perfect companion for an owner who enjoys keeping up with his high energy levels. Jax will keep you on your toes, and together, you can embark on thrilling activities that will leave both of you happily exhausted. Get ready to experience the joy of a dynamic and athletic companion by your side.

Meet Stanley

A happy go lucky boy that loves long walks and is just as happy chilling on a couch. Very well rounded boy approximately three years old and weighs 44 lbs

Meet Ainsley

Introducing Ainsley, a young and stunning beauty who is a year and a half old, weighing a graceful 44 pounds. This energetic canine is full of youthful vitality and enjoys an active lifestyle. Ainsley loves to exercise and run, making her an ideal companion for outdoor adventures and playtime. Despite her active nature, she also knows how to unwind and relax on the couch, reveling in moments of calm and tranquility. Ainsley’s affectionate nature shines through, as she eagerly showers her loved ones with love and devotion. With Ainsley by your side, you’ll have a loyal and fun-loving companion who is always up for a good time, be it exercise or a cozy cuddle session.

Meet Ringo

Ringo, a loving Bull Terrier, is a spirited 7-year-old companion, weighing in at around 53 pounds. With his distinctive appearance and affectionate nature, he is an ideal blend of playfulness and loyalty. Whether it’s playtime or training sessions, Ringo’s unwavering devotion and charming personality make him an irresistible addition to any loving home.

Meet Thor

Allow me to introduce you to Thor, the gentle giant with a heart full of love! Despite his size, this big-hearted Bully adores being around people and will quickly win your heart with his affectionate nature. In person, he’s an absolute stunner, capturing the attention of everyone around him. At around 10 years old and weighing approximately 65 pounds, Thor has reached a mature stage in life, but his love for people remains as strong as ever. His calm and gentle demeanor make him the perfect companion for spending quality time together, whether it’s relaxing on the couch or going for leisurely walks.

Meet Hank

Allow me to introduce you to Hank, a charming 2-year-old Lab/Bull Terrier mix eagerly searching for his forever home. With his endearing personality and lovable demeanor, Hank is sure to capture your heart. He’s a big and strong companion, ready for exciting adventures and affectionate moments. If you feel that you could provide a loving and caring environment for this adorable boy, don’t hesitate to send us a message. Would make an excellent family dog.

Meet Baker

This is Baker!! She is 2 years old, a Bull Terrier mix, and a tri-pod. The missing leg is her back left, but that does not slow her down. She has a love for life and adventure. I have taken her hiking out in East County, and she LOVES it.

bull terrier

Meet Ivory

Introducing Ivory, a charming canine estimated to be around four years old and weighing approximately 44 pounds. Having battled a bothersome skin condition, Ivory is now well on her way to recovery, with her skin showing noticeable signs of healing and improvement. Despite her earlier struggles, Ivory’s resilient spirit shines through, and she is proving to be an incredibly sweet and affectionate companion. However, her high energy levels make her an ideal match for an active household that can keep up with her enthusiastic nature.

Meet Tiffany

Introducing Tiffany, the ultimate sweetheart who’s full of love and joy! This affectionate girl has a heart of gold and a special fondness for her favorite toy. At around 3 years old and weighing about 37 pounds, she’s the perfect combination of youthful energy and gentle companionship. Peaches’ love for her toy reflects her playful spirit and enthusiasm for life. Whether it’s fetching, tugging, or cuddling with her cherished possession, she’ll bring endless smiles to your face with her adorable antics.

Meet Quigley

Introducing Quigley, a lovable canine who is under two years old and weighs approximately 42 pounds. Despite being a stray in the past, Quigley has retained his affectionate nature and is a true lover at heart. While he may be a little shy initially, it doesn’t take long for him to warm up and showcase his loving personality. His affectionate and sweet nature shines through, as he eagerly shares his love with those around him. With Quigley by your side, you’ll experience the joy of having a loyal and gentle companion who is always ready to shower you with affection.

Meet Spud

Spud, a spirited Bull Terrier, embodies a bundle of dynamic energy, relishing every opportunity to romp and play on the verdant grass. His passion for chasing after his treasured ball is matched only by his buoyant spirit. Weighing in at approximately 33 pounds, this one-year-old Bull Terrier exudes a distinct blend of strength and playful charm.

Meet Chelsea

Chelsea, a lovable two-year-old Bull Terrier weighing 34 pounds is a bundle of affection and warmth. Despite her deafness, her charming personality shines through, making her a delightful and cherished companion. Get ready to be enamored by her sweet and endearing Bull Terrier antics.

Meet Bee Tee

Bee Tee is a charming Bull Terrier, known for his spirited and affectionate disposition. With his characteristic egg-shaped head and muscular build, he embodies the quintessential traits of his breed. At two years old and weighing 43 pounds, he showcases the perfect blend of strength and playfulness, making him an ideal companion for anyone seeking a loyal and energetic furry friend.

Meet Harley

a real sweetheart she will capture you with her charms. She is seven years old but you wouldn’t know it because she still has that puppy energy loves to run and play. Weighs 32 pounds

Meet Beau

Beau has a very gentle manner with people. He greets everyone with a shake. He walks very well on a leash but occasionally pulls for a scent. He’s dog selective but can walk by smaller crated senior dog & greet her with nose kisses and wiggly tail. He can go on walks near her too. He loves his meals & takes treats gently. He loves to chew on his Kong toys & play with his Kong treat dispenser. He also has a dog bed that he hasn’t chewed. He is crate trained but does not sleep at night in it. He’s accepting of baths.

Meet Nike

Nike loves soft beds, and is very quiet, doesn’t react to other dogs. Likes to lay in the grass under the sun and not a barker. Weighing 37 pounds and is old is two years old

Meet Milo

Milo is an avid enthusiast of his daily strolls, cherishing every opportunity to explore and stretch his legs. He exhibits a particular affection for his collection of chew toys, engaging with them in playful and contented solitude. His appearance is strikingly handsome, with a compact frame that adds to his overall charm. Milo’s demeanor is exceptionally people-friendly; he radiates warmth and approachability, effortlessly winning the hearts of those around him with his joyful spirit and loving nature.

Meet Kramer

Kramer is seven years old weighing 49 pounds. He loves to cuddle take walks and just hang out, very sweet is not reactive to other dogs, and is very chill.

Meet Sol

Loves long walks very sweet and loves to play in the mud enjoy ball. Approximately four years old Full of life and fun

Meet Cindy

She’s four years old weighs 42 pounds. Cindy is very shy at first she wants to play though likes fetch enjoys. The agility ramp can jump high, wags tail a lot, and loves being around people.

Meet Olivia

Olivia is estimated at around three years old weighs 53 pounds. She’s very friendly happy loves to play with people not a fan of other dogs.

Meet Tardis

A Good Samaritan discovered Tardis, an eight-year-old dog weighing 48 pounds, wandering along the railroad tracks in Los Angeles, and kindly transported him to a shelter. Tardis is partially blind in one eye but remains an affectionate and friendly canine with a good disposition. He is capable of coexisting peacefully with other dogs, though he may display dominant behavior at times.

Meet Tabatha

Lots of energy and a strong desire to have you near are beyond the scope of character.

Meet Beanie

Loves her ball, loves to hang out with people and take nice walks. Very chill and mellow in her kennel very clean in her kennel. Just a great all-around dog.

Meet Pedro

My name is Pedro. I am estimated at about seven years old, very loving, affectionate and chill in nature. I’m good with other dogs and looking for my forever home.

Meet Ziti

They call me Ziti. I’m a sweetheart😌 I am content with just hanging out and getting treats and pets. I love to get all the attention! I’m working on basic commands- I like to help hold the leash when going out for walks.

Meet Tyler

Hey there. I’m Tyler. Im an easy going- but very strong pint sized guy🐶 I enjoy just being around people- especially when they have yummy treats to share with me. I’m currently learning basic verbal commands and how to properly walk on a lead. I’m looking for a patient and experienced owner or family that is willing to work with me on a daily basis so I can be the best dog pal I can be😊

Meet Walnut

He is dependable, eager to explore, and committed to being by your side no matter what.

Meet Marvin

My name is Marvin. I’m obsessed with playing ball- fetch is my favorite game! I love human attention and affection- especially when we can toss the ball around for a bit. I’m working on learning basic commands. I’m very smart and a quick learner.

Meet Athena

If you are very high energy, live an active lifestyle, and in search of a furry companion- then I’m the girl for you! I love to be the center of attention- love to be doted on and of course I love tasty treats! Im still learning how to be lady like- Ive been working on my manners- basic commands like sit, down, and of course- “off”. I still get super excited when I see people and still get kinda jumpy and nippy- I have a lot of puppy playful energy to burn off. I’m looking for an energetic but also understanding owner or family to call my own.

Meet Comet

They call me “Comet”.. I must say- I’m a real Stud Muffin. I’m super sweet, I love to just hang around in or outside and sun bathe. I would be a great couch potato companion at times too. I’m known to be gentle, people friendly and just an all around sweet guy😊

Meet Spike

Gentle, sympathetic, and always up for an adventure, he is an affectionate boy
He is playful and very submissive to other dogs, has been in playgroups and has done well, but very submissive to them

Meet Catherine

She’s very sweet and she loves to cuddle. She always comes when you call her. Likes to follow you around.  She will bark and get a little bit anxious when you leave her by herself but eventually stop and get used to it.  Did well in a crate at the vet.  She is still working on potty training and is selective of men, but will warm up after slow introduction.  Is a little scared of big overly excitable dogs and was kenneled with four other dogs and seem to do well

Meet heiress

I am a mini bull terrier weighing 32 pounds and 2 years old. I have a lot of energy very affectionate, sweet, and love to play

Meet Maizy

Maizy is approximately four years old and mom just seven puppies. She is a terrific dog with a beautiful temperament. She’s dog, friendly people, friendly and just a very sweet and affectionate girl

Meet Bullseye

Hey there🐶 I go by “Bullseye”😊 Im a gentle, very sweet mellow guy. Im easy going and very calm, I just like to hang around and steal your attention. 😊

Meet Isabella

Hi my name is “Isabella”🐶 I’m a sweet, very enthusiastic little girl. I’m looking for someone who is just as entertaining and happy go lucky as I am. I would love to go on long walks or runs, hang out and just watch a movie or just lounge around the house. I am looking for a bestie, are you? Pick me! I’ll be patiently waiting😊

Meet Maple

Hi guys, I’m “Maple”😊 I’m an older gal- I love to be doted on🐾 I’m looking for someone who will love me and just make me a part of their family🤗

Meet Murray

Howdy- they call me “Murray”🐶 I’m kinda shy at first but I have a very sweet soul. I’m looking for an experienced owner, a patient person who has a lot of free time to spend with a guy like me. I don’t really like to be alone- so the more at home or adventure time- the better😊

Meet Calvin

Hey y’all, names Calvin. I’m a calm, chill guy. Still can get active, don’t let these old bones fool ya🐶 I’d love to stay at home and relax on something fluffy and cozy, but I’m also ready whenever for long walks and new sights, smells and adventures😊

Meet Milton

Well helllloooo there😊 I go by “Milton”🐶 Im a ball of energy, love to be around any human that wants to pay attention to me. Im looking for someone who has alot of free time- so we can work on basic training and separation anxiety issues. I’m a great guy- I just need that special person who is willing to not give up on me. Is it you? Let’s meet! 🐾

Meet Malcolm

Hi guys🐶 My name is “Malcolm”🐾 I’m a very smart- intuitive kinda dude.  I’m learning basic commands- and ace n them- no problem! I’m also currently learning to be crate trained- and it’s going rather well! I’m looking for an experience owner, one with a good amount of free time as I’m still be trained to be a good dog citizen😊 I need a nice, fully enclosed yard, as I can jump rather high. I would love to find a very active and adventurous human- as I can match their energy. Give me a shot- let me be your best friend!🙂